Qur'an Moon Lamp

Qur'an Moon Lamp

Qur'an Moon Lamp

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Must-Have In Every Household 

Qur'an recitation calms nerves and fills the heart with serenity and peace. Creating a serene and soothing environment for your household.

Designed to provide you with the ambience of tranquillity while you listen to the Holy Qur'an and seek the mercy of Allah, the Almighty. Allows you to listen to nasheeds and recitation of the Qur'an in a relaxed atmosphere.

The amazing 3D Moon design will light up your room while you relax and listen to your favourite Imam recite the Qur'an Ayah by Ayah with translation in your desired language to help you understand the words of the Almighty.

Why you must have this Qur'an Moon Lamp in your home:

✅ 3D Moon design with 7 ambient colours to choose from, makes a perfect night lamp helping you fall asleep whilst listening to soothing Qur’an recitation.

✅ Be it Ramadan, Muharram, Friday, or just every day you can listen to Islamic addresses, Nasheeds, Hadiths and duas.

✅ Creates an atmosphere of pious and brings your family and kids closer to Islam with easy access to full Qur’an recitation and Hadiths.

✅ It is the best way to encourage children to learn hadiths, Qaida Noorania, and recite Qur’an with guidance from world-renowned Islamic scholars.

✅ Energy-saving and mobile Bluetooth connection, make this speaker-lamp a must for every Muslim household.

Bonus Features

  • 40 Hadiths
  • Sahih Al-Bukhari
  • Sahih Al Muslim
  • Al-Ruqyah
  • Hisnul Muslim
  • Qaida Noorania 
  • Nasheeds 

Famous Reciters

Qari Abdul Basit - Sheikh Sudais - Sheikh Al Afasy - Sheikh al Minshawi - Sheikh al Ajmy - Sheikh Maher Al Muaiqly - Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Shatri - Sheikh Abdullah Matrood - Sheikh Abdullah Basfar - Sheikh Muhammad Jibril - Sheikh Muhammad Ayyub - Sheikh Husary - Sheikh Hudhaify - Sheikh Ghamdi - Sheikh Minshawi - Shaykh Shuraim - Sheikh Tablawi and more.

Translation Languages 

English - Urdu - Bangla - Farsi  - Pashto - Dari - Hindi - Malayalam - Gujarati - Turkish - Tamil - Kurdish - Indonesian - Malaysian - Somali and more.

What's In The Box?

1 x Quran Speaker

1 x Remote Controller

1 x USB Cable(No Plug Included)

1 x User Manual